Lemon Hart & Son. Rum always.

Now available at the SAQ, Lemon Hart Navy Spiced Rum, a beautifully crafted single estate distillery, Bourbon barrel aged British-style dark Demerara spiced rum.

The unique and prestigious White Owl .

Newly at the SAQ, discover White Owl Canadian Whisky.

It is distinguished from others, by the recognition received but also because it is the first ever Premium aged clear whisky.

The hidden treasure from the rockies, finally at the SAQ!

New at the SAQ, TINCUP will allow you to discover the true good taste of an American whiskey.

Share your discoveries on the Culinary X’ploration

From Thursday, September 17 to Sunday, October 25, Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte (CNF) is launching the 2015 CNF Culinary X’ploration Series, a five-week eve

Charles Henri Pale Ale - Now at the SAQ!

Charles Henri beer is a 100 % Quebec Pale Ale, brewed according to the rules of art.

A must try this summer!