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Bodegas Franco Espaῆolas

Franco-Españolas Winery is one of the largest wineries in La Rioja. With almost 125 years of history, it remains a reference when talking about the world of wine. Bodegas Franc0-Españolas perfectly combine respect for tradition and technological innovation, in order to get the great wines that support its long history.
Franco-Españolas Winery was founded in 1890 thanks to the peak that Rioja lived in the XIX century, when the French settled in the region to replace their dying vineyards due tothe phylloxera plague with Rioja wines. It was the beginning of “fine Rioja wines.” All this led to Frederick Saurat Anglade from Bordeaux, along with their Spanish partners, to found “Franco-Españolas Winery ” in 1890, a merger between France (Franco) and Spain (Españolas).