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Passion, experience and all the quality of Mother Nature: these are the choice elements behind Collesi beers, skillfully brewed at the Collesi brewing plant in Apecchio, a charming medieval town in the countryside of Italy’s Marche region, along the ancient Via Flaminia that once linked Rome and Rimini.
The passion comes from Giuseppe Collesi, founder of the brewery.The experience,from Belgian master brewers, who have achieved a perfectly balanced beer with great appeal, true to the Belgian Trappist brewing traditions.

Finally, and certainly no less important, the ingredients.  The hard limestone water from Mount Nerone is one of Europe’s finest for brewing. The barley is grown in the Collesi family’s own fields, and after being malted at the Marche regional malthouse returns to the brewery as malt to be used in beer-making. 

A truly local brew with truly local ingredients!