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Jose Cuervo

Jose Cuervo® is the #1 tequila in the world, as well as the oldest, most-recognized and awarded.

The history of Jose Cuervo® began in 1758, the year in which Jose Antonio de Cuervo obtained a parcel of land in Jalisco, Tequila in order to cultivate and harvest the blue agave plant. This singular event marked the birth of the tequila category. The company has remained family owned for over 250 years, and today is run by the 10th generation of the Cuervo family.

Today Jose Cuervo® makes many different tequila products, including Especial®, Tradicional®, Platino™, Reserva de la Familia®, and Authentic Jose Cuervo® Margarita® ready-to-drink and mixes. Most recently, Jose Cuervo® has released their 250 Aniversario, an extra-anejo that pays homage to more than two centuries of work and family passion.