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Vodka Twisted Shotz

Founded in Auckland, New Zealand in 1987. Independent Distillers Group has successfully been at the forefront of innovation and development of Ready to Drink liquor beverages in both New Zealand and Australia where it is a dominant player in the market. The Independent Distillers Group manufactures and distributes alcoholic beverages to export markets worldwide.

In 2001, Independent Distillers Canada was established as a fully owned subsidiary and now operates in all provinces across Canada. Core products include Vodka Mudshakes, Twisted Shotz, Alive 80-calorie sugar-free vodka coolers, Woodstock Bourbon, Naughty Cow, Honesty Box Cider, Dos Locos, Vodka FX and NZ PURE LAGER. Independent Distillers Canada is in bold expansion mode to become a major participant in the Canadian beverage alcohol market.